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Experienced Clinical Psychologist

Starting therapy can be difficult, and it is courageous to reach out for help. Dr. Lisa Karaitis is a kind, caring clinical psychologist that is committed to helping you build confidence and overcome obstacles both past and present.

About Lisa Karaitis, PsyD

In March 2006, Lisa Karaitis began to serve the needs of Chicago residents through her private practice. She earned her Master's Degree from the Illinois School of Professional Psychology in 1994 and her Doctorate in clinical psychology in 2000. Her postgraduate work focused on trauma treatment, and she provided expert testimony at Juvenile Court for those involved in the child protection system for many years. She has extensive training with individal therapy, and working with children, families, and adults. She is also an advanced candidate of psychoanalysis at the Chicago Psychoanalytic Institute. 

In the past, Lisa worked with several Chicagoland hospitals performing emergency room crises evaluations, and engaged in quality review management. She also has taught several gradute school classes and annually presents continuing education on the topic of trauma treatment.

Lisa Karaitis, PsyD

Chicagoland Psychologist, LLC provides individual, couple and family psychotherapy, assessment, consultation, supervision and forensic evaluations. Services are available for seniors, adults, teenagers, and kids. Lisa is also experienced in providing play therapy for young children.

In the past, she has treated all of the following areas:

• Trauma
• Major Life Transitions 
• Setbacks 
• Loss
• Relationships
• Depression
• Stress and Anxiety
• Loneliness
• Parenting Skills
• Family Relationships
• Problematic Coping
• Couples
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